About us

  • OO INTERNATIONAL is into Mining & Export of Indian Granite and Quartz Surfaces.
  • OO INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading Processor of WARANGAL (ABSOLUTE BLACK) GRANITE (100% Non-Treated Material) from Khammam & Warangal Regions.
  • The world’s most famous BLACK GALAXY GRANITE is found in Cheemakurthy, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • OO INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading Processor of Black Galaxy Granite from India. We Quarry, Process in Factory, Test the Quality, and Ship to the clients based on their Requirements.
  • OO INTERNATIONAL also does Processing of more than 50 Indian Granite colours depending on the client requirements.
  • We Process Rough Blocks, Gangsaw Slabs, Mini Gangsaw Slabs, Cutter Slabs, Tiles, Cut to Size, Counter Tops, Steps, Risers, Bevels, Window Stills and Monument Slabs.
  • Our products come with Finish Types of Polished, Honed, Leathered, Lapatora, Flamed (Thermal).
  • OO INTERNATIONAL can offer a Mixed Container Lot of Premium Quality Indian Granite in Bulk Quantities.
  • Mining Production Capacity we deal with:
    • Absolute Black (100% Non-Treated) – 7000 to 9000 CBM Per Year
    • Galaxy Black – 40000 to 60000 CBM Per Year
    • Steel Grey – 9000 to 12000 CBM Per Year
    • Black Pearl – 2000 to 3000 CBM Per Year
    • TAN Brown – 7000 to 9000 CBM Per Year
    • Viscount White – 2500 to 3500 CBM Per Year
  • OO INTERNATIONAL can offer different series of Quartz Slabs in Jumbo and Super Jumbo sizes depending on the requirement of Clients.


Our Infrastructure

1. Extraction (Quarrying) of Blocks:

The Unpolished and unprocessed stone is extracted from the Quarrying. We use different Techniques in Quarrying in the Physical Deposits itself such as Density, Depth, Fracturing and Bedding Planes.

Once the bench is cut from the deposits, the heavy blocks or rocks are then shifted to Inspection Area for Quality and Size Specifications. The blocks are then inspected for Cracks, fissures, colour pattern and any other variations by highly Qualified professionals in order to send the best Quality blocks for further processing. This helps us in identifying the Premium Blocks

2. Block Cutting:

a. Gangsaw slabs:

After the blocks are inspected for Cracks, fissures, colour pattern and any other variations by highly Qualified professionals, the best Quality blocks for further processing. These blocks are loaded on a tray and filled with cement for non-moment of blocks during the process of cutting.  

The Gangsaw Machines are used for cutting of Granite Blocks in Gangsaw Sizes. Once the Blocks cutting is done in Gangsaw Slabs, the slabs are sent for Inspection for finding the defects and the slabs are marked Individually.      

b. Cutter Size Slabs (Long & Short):

Once the Granite Block is inspected and shaped, it is then moved to cutter Machine. The sized are cut as per the specifications. The greater number of blades, the faster the cutting process. These slabs are then sent for Inspection for identifying the defects. The slabs are sent for marking individually.

3. Grinding, Epoxy Application and Polishing:

Grinding is the process of Smoothening the surface of the Slabs. It helps the slabs in loosing the grainy finish. As a result of achieving the smoothness of the Slabs.

Epoxy Application is Epoxy resin is applied on the stone to fill the micro fissures and pits that occur naturally on stone which helps the stone becoming harder. This gives the granite more beauty and helps in lasting for longer life. The Epoxy application process is done using heating technique.

Polishing is final step before the Granite Slabs are ready. This step is followed in order to remove any excess resin on the surface. Different abrasives are followed to ensure the smooth surface finish & shining of the Slabs.  This process helps in achieving the finish types of 1. Polish, 2. Lapatora, 3. Leather, 4. Bush hammered, 5. Flamed    

4. Quality Inspection & Marking:

Quality Inspection does in multiple stages of Processing of Granite. Here the finished slabs are Inspected thoroughly by the Experienced Team and Process of Marking is done. This makes the final Quality Inspection check of the Granite Slabs before Packing. Only slabs that are passed this stage will be further moved to packing.


5. Packing & Loading of Granite Slabs:

After Quality Inspection the slabs are packed as per the requirement of the Clients. As we export to multiple destinations across the globe, the packing standards as per the clients’ requirements.

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