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Who we Are...

OO INTERNATIONAL is into Mining & Export of Indian Granite and Quartz Surfaces.

We are one of the leading Processor of WARANGAL (ABSOLUTE BLACK) GRANITE (100% Non-Treated Material) from Khammam & Warangal Regions. The world’s most famous BLACK GALAXY GRANITE is found in Cheemakurthy, Andhra Pradesh, India.

What We Do...


OOINTERNATIONAL is a distinguished force in the realm of granite exportation, offering a comprehensive suite of services that exemplify excellence from quarry to destination. We meticulously select quarries rich in superior granite deposits, embarking on an excavation journey guided by geological expertise. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, evident in the transformation of raw blocks into exquisite slabs and tiles within our cutting-edge processing facilities. Rigorous quality checks at every phase ensure that our granite products surpass industry standards, combining durability with timeless aesthetics.

Navigating the intricate web of global logistics, we orchestrate the seamless transportation of our premium granite products to international destinations. From precise packaging to efficient customs clearance, we handle the intricacies, enabling our clients to focus confidently on their projects. Our international presence is complemented by a local approach, as we engage in strategic marketing and tailor our offerings to meet the distinct needs of our diverse clientele.

Beyond a mere transaction, OO INTERNATIONAL fosters enduring customer relationships. Our dedicated customer support team provides assistance with installation guidelines, maintenance recommendations, and promptly addresses inquiries. Choose OO INTERNATIONAL for unrivaled quality, global reach with a local touch, reliable logistics, and a customer-centric ethos. Embark on a journey where each granite piece encapsulates nature’s beauty and our commitment to delivering excellence.

Why Choose Us...

Elevate your projects with OO INTERNATIONAL. Unrivaled quality, global accessibility with a local touch, meticulous logistics, strategic marketing, customer-centricity, and a commitment to sustainability define our granite exportation. Choose us for excellence that transcends industry standards, ensuring your satisfaction from quarry to destination.

Exquisite Quality

Unparalleled craftsmanship transforms raw granite into masterpieces, ensuring each product exceeds industry standards in durability and aesthetic appeal

Global Reach, Local Touch

A worldwide presence meets personalized service, tailoring our granite offerings to diverse client needs with international standards and a personal touch

Reliable Logistics Mastery

From meticulous packaging to seamless customs clearance, our expertly managed logistics guarantee on-time delivery, allowing clients to focus confidently on their projects

Strategic Marketing Approach

Our international marketing strategies identify trends, connect with global buyers, and position our granite products as the premier choice in the dynamic global market

Customer-Centric Engagement

Beyond sales, our dedicated support team provides guidance on installation, maintenance, and addresses inquiries promptly, fostering enduring relationships with our valued clients

Commitment to Sustainability

Embracing eco-friendly practices, we ensure responsible quarrying and processing, minimizing environmental impact while delivering superior granite products to our clients worldwid

Our Featured Products

Explore our featured granite products, meticulously crafted to elevate spaces with timeless elegance. From stunning slabs to versatile tiles, each piece showcases superior quality, durability, and aesthetic excellence. Redefine your projects with the finest granite offerings from OO INTERNATIONAL.

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