Grinding, Epoxy Application and Polishing

Grinding is the process of Smoothening the surface of the Slabs. It helps the slabs in loosing the grainy finish. As a result of achieving the smoothness of the Slabs.

Epoxy Application is Epoxy resin is applied on the stone to fill the micro fissures and pits that occur naturally on stone which helps the stone becoming harder. This gives the granite more beauty and helps in lasting for longer life. The Epoxy application process is done using heating technique.

Polishing is final step before the Granite Slabs are ready. This step is followed in order to remove any excess resin on the surface. Different abrasives are followed to ensure the smooth surface finish & shining of the Slabs.  This process helps in achieving the finish types of 1. Polish, 2. Lapatora, 3. Leather, 4. Bush hammered, 5. Flamed

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